Antique world map - world map old

Would you like a special graduation gift for your (grand)son or (grand)daughter or are you a collector looking for an antique world map? Then take a look around in the extensive catalog of antiquarian bookshop Dat Narrenschip. From a world map old to a topographical book: we guarantee the authenticity of all items we offer. They are all original engravings, etchings, lithographs and books.

Antique world map - world map old: different projections

Did you know that the oldest printed world map dates from 1477? This world map, old was a map that did not quite match reality. Triangulation was invented in the middle of the 16th century. The result is modern cartography. Maps that got more accurate, that matched better.

An antique world map is available from us in different projections. On the one hand, there is the Mercator projection, in which the world is depicted as a flat surface. On the other hand, we have the well-known projection in which the world is depicted in two hemispheres. The great thing about an antique world map in this projection in two hemispheres is that the decorative aspect comes into its own. These world maps are often beautifully decorated with beautiful cartouches.

A unique, beautiful and valuable article

An antique world map can be very well applied in your interior due to the beautiful decorations and embellishments. With a world map old you can be sure that you are getting something unique. It is not only a unique and beautiful item, but also retains its value. It lasts for the rest of your life and can even increase in value.

Curious about our antique world maps? View our catalog or come to our store in Middelburg or Amsterdam during opening hours.

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