Old and antique prints for sale

  • Beautiful images and scenes
  • The 17th century prints in particular contain many artistic freedoms
  • Played with perspective in a special way
  • Nice for collectors or as a gift for a company
  • We guarantee authentic and original historical maps

Historical events are richly depicted. On the one hand, this tells us more about the image people had of their world at the time, and on the other hand, a part of history is still visible to us. Old, antique prints and plans give us a clear picture of the past. They provide us with an exclusive glimpse into the world of yesteryear. And we at Dat Narrenschip offer these antique prints and old prints for sale.

Old, antique prints for sale: the original Kuyper cards

We offer different types of old and antique prints for sale. Including the popular, original Kuyper cards. Kuyper maps are named after the 19th century map artist Jacob Kuijper. These maps come from the 'Gemeente-Atlas van Nederland', which was published between 1865 and 1869. The atlas contains approximately 1250 maps. Sometimes completely colored, but originally they were released in hand-painted border coloring.

Not only the Kuyper tickets that we sell are authentic and original. We guarantee that we only sell original items. They are all original engravings, etchings, lithographs and books, made in or about the specified year. Our membership of the Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren and of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers confirms this. In addition, we guarantee this guarantee by providing X-rays on request of valuable objects.

Extensive collection of old and antique prints for sale

We have an extensive collection of antique prints and old prints for sale. Feel free to take a look at our unique collection by browsing our online catalog. You may find a beautiful print of your native village or city, but then 250 years ago.Special right?

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