Looking for historical maps of Rotterdam?

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Historical maps of Rotterdam and other places can be found in the collection of Dat Narrenschip. Specialized in the purchase and sale of authentic prints, maps, city plans and topographical books, we as an antiquarian bookshop can provide you with excellent assistance when you are looking for a map of Rotterdam. We do not sell reproductions and guarantee the authenticity of all items in our range. Are you also interested in the cards in our offer? In that case, we invite you to view our Catalogue.

Historical maps of Rotterdam can be found on the Dat Narrenschip website

The historical maps of Rotterdam that Dat Narrenschip has in our collection were made in or about the specified year. We are affiliated with the Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Aniquaren and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. This allows us to confirm the guarantee that we only supply genuine products, and no replications. If desired, we can provide you with X-rays of valuable objects. This will allow the dating of some items to be determined more accurately.

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Please take the time to view our Catalogue online. Have you found a print or card that you would like to buy? In that case you can place an order by contacting us by e-mail at mail@datnarrenschip.nl or by telephone on 0118 674 141 or 06 2814 6967. If desired, we will send your order to you. You are also welcome in one of our sales points located in Middelburg and Amsterdam.

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