Historical maps of the Netherlands

Humankind's perception of the world has changed enormously over the past centuries. Where in ancient times people thought that the earth was flat and were afraid to sail off it, people already discovered in antiquity that it was round. Explorers went around the world and cartographers processed the discoveries. But these cartographers also became skilled in the production of numerous historical maps of *Netherlands . * All these maps provide a unique picture of the Netherlands from past centuries.

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Many of these historical maps have been lost, but at Dat Narrenschip we have a large and unique collection of maps from Netherlands . All in good condition as may be expected from a member of the Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers.


You have come to the right place at Dat Narrenschip for the purchase of beautiful historical maps of Netherlands . You can look through our catalog on the website, but you are also free to contact us if you would like more information. You can do this by sending an email to mail@datnarrenschip.nl . You can reach us by phone on 0118 - 674141.

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