Historical cartography

People always want to know where they are. We have Google maps, in the past people were dependent on the maps that the cartographers designed. The question of what the world looks like has been around for ages. Historical cartographyteach us a lot about the perspective and worldview of mankind from the past centuries.

A beautiful selection

Historical cartography is clearly visualized when you view the extensive selection of the maps and the plans and views of Dat Narrenschip. The maps, dating from the 16th century to the 19th century, beautifully show how the cartography, but also the world view of mankind has developed over the centuries.


That Ship of Fools is the specialist in the field of Historical cartography. You can find out all about this with our large collection of historical prints. You are always free to inquire with us. Do this by contacting us on 0118-674141 or by sending an email to mail@datnarrenschip.nl.

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