Historical prints

Historical events are richly depicted, which tells us not only much about the past view of humanity on their world. This means that part of the history is still visible to us. Thanks to the numerous * historical prints , * maps, plans and cityscapes, we obtain a clear picture of the past. They provide us with an exclusive glimpse into the world of yesteryear.

Our collection

In the collection historical prints of Dat Narrenschip you can take a look at perhaps the village where you were born, but then 250 years ago. All prints are all authentic items. That Narrenschip has a large and varied collection of old prints and maps. We have old world maps dating from the 16th to the 19th century. Cartographers have recorded their experiences and insights on these beautiful maps. You can also stay close to home, for that you can view our unique collection of city and village views.


That Ship of Fools has a very extensive selection of historical prints which you can all look at in the catalog on the website. For further information about these wonderful products, please contact us. We can be reached on 0118 - 674141 or you can send an e-mail to mail@datnarrenschip.nl .

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