Old topographical maps

Old topographic maps tell a lot about the past. Not only what a country and its towns and villages looked like in that past, but also what the image of the people was like on the country and the world at that time. In addition, making topographical maps was still an art form and they are a beautiful work of art from the past.

High quality

What you can be sure of with That Ship of Fools is the fact that all old topographical maps have been excellently preserved. Our membership of the Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers is an underlining of this. Our love for old cards means that we treat them well, so that you also purchase a beautiful and authentic item from us.


Beautiful, old topographical maps you can buy at That Ship of Fools. You will find the collection on our website, but you can also contact us for more information. Do this by sending an email to mail@datnarrenschip.nl or by calling 0118 - 674141.

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