Old atlases and old topographical maps

Before Copernicus, the earth was thought to be the center of the known universe. In that worldview, the sun revolved around the earth. We can't imagine that anymore, can we? Fortunately, exploration and cartography developed very quickly after the Middle Ages. Because did you know that the oldest printed atlas dates from 1477? And that already in 1570 a modern atlas appeared, which was built up in a fixed composition. The composition that we now also know from the atlas. So from large (the whole world) to small (countries, provinces and cities). At Dat Narrenschip we sell these beautiful old atlases and old topographical maps.

Beautiful old atlases and topographical maps

The old atlases and old topographical maps from the 17th century are beautiful pieces. These atlases and maps formed a kind of stage of the world, as it were. Beautifully decorated with decorative elements. We owe the word atlas to Gerard Mercator, who introduced the word atlas. And it is still used that way to this day.

The best known, most famous and most beautiful atlas ever made is Joan Bleau's atlas, Atlas Major. This consists of 12 parts of the whole world. And one of those parts is completely devoted to the Netherlands.

A large collection of old topographical maps

Antiquariaat Dat Narrenschip has an extensive collection of old topographical maps. Dating from the 16th century to the 19th century. These topographical maps provide you with a unique picture of the world at that time. You will experience that behind these cards everything is hidden, a beautiful story.

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