Historical map Amsterdam - historical maps Rotterdam

  • A precious possession
  • With a historical map you really bring something unique into your home
  • A fixed-value article
  • An extensive collection of the most special and rare cards
  • Beautiful historical maps with decorative cartouches and decorations

A historical map of Amsterdam or the historical maps of Rotterdam are very nice and special to collect. Now a historical map of Amsterdam is a nice collector's item, but in the past the map had an important function. The world or a city could be unlocked by means of a map. What did the city of Amsterdam actually look like? A precious possession because people in the 16th and 17th centuries simply did not see much of the world. Today we have the internet, in the past people had these cards.

And through these historical maps one now gets a very nice picture of the development of a city in that period.

Historical map of Amsterdam: most maps ever made

Did you know that most maps of Amsterdam have ever been made? There are many historical maps of Amsterdam available. This is because the city of Amsterdam was continuously growing. And all those added pieces had to be mapped out in order to make the growth of the city transparent for everyone. In the 17th century, a historical map of Amsterdam or of the Netherlands cost as much as a painting by Rembrandt or one of his pupils.

In addition to Amsterdam, many historical maps of Rotterdam have also been made.

Beautiful historical maps

Over the centuries, fantastically good draughtsmen, etchers, engravers, lithographers and publishers have been busy producing and publishing beautiful historical maps of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, among others. The old maps are therefore more than worth buying by enthusiasts.

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