Beautiful old prints of Amsterdam

Our capital Amsterdam has a rich and extensive history. Over the centuries, our capital has had different faces. And all these faces are beautifully depicted, like a kind of scene, on beautiful old prints of Amsterdam. From trading capital in the 17th century to melting pot of cultures.

Amsterdam: most maps ever made

Amsterdam has developed considerably over the centuries and has therefore grown a lot. It is not without reason that the most old prints, plans and maps ever made of the city of Amsterdam. Each added piece had to be mapped again to make it transparent for everyone. Because old maps, prints and cityscapes were a means of opening up the world.

Authentic and original

All old prints and other items from Amsterdam that we purchase and sell at Dat Narrenschip are authentic and original. They are all original engravings, etchings, lithographs and books, made in or about the specified year. Our membership of the Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren and of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers constitutes the aforementioned guarantee.

Curious about our extensive collection of old prints of Amsterdam? Then view our online catalog or visit our print shop in Amsterdam or Middelburg during opening hours. We wish you a warm welcome!

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